2015 Film Festival

Our Film Day returns with a series of Ukrainian-themed films at the Toronto Public Library, Runnymede Branch, 2178 Bloor Street West, on Saturday, September 19. Admission is FREE.


10:00 am Marusia 1938. 1 hr. 50 mins. B&W.Ukrainian with English subtitles. A love story set to music where misunderstandings lead to tragedy. This memorable classic in American film history is virtually unknown today. Producer: Ukrafilm Corporation of New York.

12:00 pm The Passion of Christ 1982. 27 mins. Colour. English. An award-winning film based on 160 paintings by Canadian artist William Kurelek that tell the Easter story from the Gospel According to St. Matthew. Producer/Director: Philip Earnshaw, Shooting Pictures.

12:40 pm Between Hitler and Stalin 2003. 58 mins. Colour. English & Ukrainian with English subtitles. The Ukrainian Canadian Research & Documentation Centre presentation on Ukraine in World War II, narrated by Jack Palance. Producer/Director: Slavko Nowytski.

2:00 pm My Baba’s Kitchen 2015, 7 mins. Colour. English. A short, animated film that tells the story of how the director’s grandparents met under extraordinary circumstances, and how culture really connects us. Writer/Director: Stephanie Turenko,
who will be present for a Question & Answer session.

2:30 pm Music of Survival 2014, 60 mins. Colour. English & Ukrainian with English subtitles. Narrated by Colm Feore, this is the triumphant story of the original 17 members of the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus who survived World War II as a musical ensemble.
The film brings out the deepest roots of a fragile tradition, celebrating the resiliency of a music culture that has survived centuries. Producer/Director: Orest Sushko, who will be present for a Question & Answer session.

4:15 pm Pride of Ukraine 2015, 50 mins. Colour. English & Ukrainian with subtitles. This documentary reveals the history of the LGBT Pride movement in Ukraine through the story of KyivPride, the first attempt of the Ukrainian LGBT community to rise up and make their voice be heard by the government. Producer/Director: Michelle Emson, who will be present for a Question & Answer session.






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