Mississauga Ukrainian Festival - Celebration Square - June 18, 2016
SHOW SCHEDULE (not in performing order)

12:00 noon - 3:00 pm ShowBarvinok - Hamilton
Barvinok - Mississauga
Myroslava Czoli
Olenka Pankiw
Rezonans Studio
Maksim Shchebatyuk

3:00 pm - 6:00 pm Show
Official Opening - Vanguard Marching Band
Arkan/Ukrainian Academy
Igor & Andriana Artemyak
Helen Guryn
Rossa Trio

6:00 - 11:00 pm Show
Vasyl Popadiuk
Rossa Trio
Ruslan Yakoviychuk
Zapovid Band
Zirka Band


 Festival Headliner - Vasyl Popadiuk w/Serhiy Fomenko

The Mississauga Ukrainian Festival at Celebration Square will bring a sample of the culture, cuisine and crafts of Canadians who are of Ukrainian heritage. The Festival will offer a complete family experience for the very young to the young at heart. Local talented entertainers will amaze audiences with their acrobatic and rhythmic dance. Musicians and singers will also grin audiences the Ukrainian soul and history. A refreshment garden serving tastes from Ukraine should not be missed. Local vendors of crafts and food will offer ethnic and Canadian delights. Photo opportunities. A tour about being Ukrainian.

Festival starts at noon on June 18th and ends at 11:00 pm. Come and join in the celebration.


Volunteers should fill out the attached form and email it to halyna.festivalvolunteers@gmail.com




Performers for 2016

Arkan Dance Company

The Arkan Dance Company was launched as the performing ensemble of the Ukrainian Academy of Dance. Since their formation, Arkan has performed at international festivals in the United States, Taiwan, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, China, Italy, Korea and Ukraine. Arkan has also performed at Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival in Dauphin, Manitoba, Drummondville, Quebec and Nova Scotia. In 2000, Arkan was selected as semi finalists in the Canada – wide YTV Youth Achievement Awards. Arkan was also commissioned to create two different interpretive modern ballets about Scythian and Trypillian cultures for the Royal Ontario Museum. Arkan is proud to have represented Canada and Ukraine at many international festivals sponsored by UNESCO (CIOFF). Arkan also created an original piece about Ukraine’s adoption of Christianity that was debuted at the Living Arts Centre at a gala honouring the visit of Ukraine’s Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk.



Barvinok Ukrainian Dance Ensemble of Hamilton

The Barvinok Ukrainian Dance Ensemble of Hamilton is comprised of 35 students between the ages of 3 to 16 years. Located inside Holy Spirit Church Hall, all classes have the opportunity to perform several times throughout the year at various church celebrations, fairs, concerts and anniversary events held within the GTA and the Hamilton-Wentworth regions. They have also appeared on television, performing on the revival of the “Tiny Talent Time” show last year. Under the direction and choreography of Michael Stechey and Nadine Usyk, the group has flourished with an expanding repertoire of dances, performances and student enrollment. The purpose of Barvinok Hamilton is to provide its dancers with an exciting educational experience while encouraging a greater interest in Ukrainian dance and culture. Barvinok Hamilton is excited to be performing at this year's Mississauga Ukrainian Festival!

Barvinok Ukrainian Dance School - Mississauga

Barvinok Ukrainian Dance School based at St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church in Mississauga. Today, Barvinok provides instruction to over 400 students of different ages. The school is committed to teaching Ukrainian traditional dance. It is devoted to nurturing Ukrainian heritage through dance and dedicated to expand the cultural diversity and strengthen the Ukrainian identity within the community. In 2014, Barvinok School of Ukrainian dance Celebrated 45th Anniversary. According to this, Barvinok had organized several Euro Tours to participate in different festivals on International Level. In the summer of 2012 and 2013 - Barvinok went to: Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Portugal, Germany, Poland and Ukraine. Both tours were very successful and memorable to all dancers and the people of Europe Barvinok performed for. 2014 Year End Concert was dedicated to "Heroes of Ukraine" and the entire program was vibrant and full of energy of celebration of the 45th Anniversary. 2015 Year End Concert will be dedicated to "Ukrainian Soldiers" who fought and still fighting for the freedom of their land. Only this summer of 2015, Brvinok went to several Ukrainian festivals. They went: In July to Ottawa Capital One Ukrainian Festival. In August to Rochester Ukrainian Festival.


Barvinok Ukrainian Dance School - Mississauga

Myroslava discovered a passion for performing at a young age. She has been dancing in Barvinok Ukrainian Dance School for 10 years and played bandura in Vira Zelinska's Ukrainian Youth Bandura Capella "Golden Strings" (Zoloti Struny) for about 8 years. With these groups, she has travelled and performed on many different stages. Myroslava began to explore her vocal abilities while performing with Bandura and decided to take vocal lessons with Oksana Zelinska - Shevchuk. Since then, she has performed at different festivals such as Carrassauga, Yarmarok, Zoloty Klen, Centennial Ukrainian Festival and Mississauga Ukrainian Festival. Her repertoire consists of tradition songs and new upcoming Ukrainian pop songs. They went: In July to Ottawa Capital One Ukrainian Festival. In August to Rochester Ukrainian Festival.


For over 40 years DESNA has dazzled audiences throughout Canada, the U.S. and abroad with a wide repertoire of Ukrainian dance. Under the direction of Virsky-trained Yuri & Luba Grekov, DESNA presents technically demanding and exhilarating dances accented by exquisite costumes and diverse music. This celebration of movement creates a vibrant spectacle for all audiences to enjoy. DESNA’s repertoire consists of various traditional dances including Hutsul, Bukovynian, Volyn, Kozachok and Hopak. The company believes that tradition can be acclaimed and broadened by contrasting fresh and diverse styles of dance. DESNA owns a series of unique numbers including Canadian Country Dance, South African Miners’ Dance, Gypsy, and various comedic acts. Desna is excited to be part of the Mississauga Ukrainian Festival once again this year!



Music studio ECHO began few years ago at St. Mary Ukrainian Church in Mississauga.Through singing, learning music theory, and having lots of fun children discover world of music and the Ukrainian culture. Nadiya Korol, musical director of studio ECHO believes, that music education helps young children to gain confidence, express themselves and perceive the surrounding beauty. Younger children 2-3 yrs old start with Veseli Notky program, personalized for their age. Ensemble ECHO gives out few performances throughout the year. ECHO has had appeared at many community and parish events: among them - Ukrainian festivals Zolotyj Klen and Toronto Ukrainian Festival, Ukrainian Musical Festival. Every year the children visit the Ivan Franko Home to entertain the residents.

Helen Guryn

HELEN GURYN has been singing since she was 5 years old. Helen studied music in Kyiv, Ukraine for eight years where she successfully completed musical theory and practise in vocals and piano. Helen has performed in several competitions across the GTA as a winner and a runner up. She recently won the first grand prize of a studio recording package from Hidden Talent Canada. In between teaching singing and writing songs, Helen is also working on her first album in pop-metal genre.






Just a few years ago, a group of young and motivated individuals came together to comprise the Kalyna Dance Ensemble, based in Hamilton, Ontario. With just a hand full of dedicated dancers, Kalyna has flourished into a recognizable and respectable group whose humble beginnings allow them to be fine representatives of Ukrainian-Canadian youth.   By performing at countless weddings, festivals, Malankas and fund-raisers across Ontario and Quebec, Kalyna is devoted to fostering Ukrainian tradition through dance. These life-long performers of Ukrainian dance continue to excite audiences while strengthening their Ukrainian identity and expanding cultural diversity. As this ensemble continues to take part in a multitude of functions and events, their passion and enthusiasm are demonstrated in each performance.



Maksim Shcherbatyuk

Maksim Shcherbatyuk is a 10 year old singer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His first public performance happened in September of 2006 during a church service. He sang one and a half verses of his favorite Ukrainian carol that he just learned and rendered the priest and parishioners speechless. Since then Maksim sang at many different concerts and festivals where he always had a warm reception. He likes to play piano, soccer, chess, judo and like every kid - video games. In 2012 Maksim enjoyed taking part in the concert of Nadiya Kozak and Vasyl Dynec in Toronto and this year he is looking forward to return to your beautiful city.



Olenka Anna Pankiw

Olenka Anna Pankiw is student at Queen’s University. She has been singing on stage since the age of two. Everyone in her family comes from a musical background. They like to sing and play different instruments. Olenka sings in many different events and festivals such as: Ukrainian music festival which she came out to be one of the finalists, Yarmarok Christmas Bazar at St. Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Church, Carrassauga Festival of Cultures (Ukraine Pavilion) and Bloor West Village Ukrainian Festival. Olenka likes to sing traditional Ukrainian songs. She plays the piano and the clarinet. She loves to travel and experience new and different things. She enjoys studying different languages. She is currently studying French, Italian and Spanish. Olenka has participated in French and Italian Competitions in which she has won at the Provincial level. Olenka used to be a vivid ballet dancer at Balletomane School of Dance and a vivid Ukrainian dancer in Barvinok.



"Melodia" is a vocal youth group made up of young singers who are dedicated to performing modern Ukrainian popular songs written and composed by contemporary artists of Ukraine. In existence since the fall of 2005, the group consists of 7 members, ages 10-15, from Mississauga and surrounding communities: Theodore Pucak, Olena Urbanovych, Marta Mironovych, Natalia Terek, Aleksa Gobosz, Marko Czupiel and Andrijko Semchyshyn. The group is under the auspices of St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church in Mississauga, Ontario. "Melodia" participates in all religious church events throughout the year including Yarmarok Christmas Bazar, Christmas and Easter celebrations, and Carassauga Festival of Cultures. They annually participate as a group and as solo performers in the Ukrainian Music Festival, the Toronto Ukrainian Festival, and the "Zoloty Klen" festival at SUM "Weselka" in Acton. The artistic director of “Melodia” is Oksana Zelinska-Shevchuk.


Vasyl Popadiuk

The journey for Vasyl Popadiuk from Ukraine to Toronto has been one of musical adventure, starting at Kiev's Lysenko school for gifted children at the tender age of 7, and continuing at Ukraine's national Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music from age 18. Vasyl Popadiuk's father, himself a renowned composer and pan flute player, dreamt of his son following in his footsteps as a flutist but at the age of four Vasyl Jr chose to play the piano. By age six he had discovered and fallen in love with the violin - an outcome predicted by a stranger before his birth - that love has remained steadfast through the years. Popadiuk has toured with many prestigious troupes, including Ukraine's Hopak National Ensemble, Kiev's Gypsy Music Theatre Company, and the Nazarov Music Theatre Company of Moscow with whom he performed for many international dignitaries including the late King Hussein of Jordan. He was asked to accompany Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev and his wife as part of the cultural entourage during a state visit to Spain where he performed for Queen Sofia.



Ukrainian Children's Performing Studio Rezonans was established by Voldoymyr Kokhanovski just three years ago.  These talented, ages 3-10, young singers of the Studio, take an active role in music and artistic events in the Ukrainian-Canadian Community such as Bloor West Village Toronto Ukrainian Festival, Flavours of Ukraine Festival, Zolotyj Klen, Ivana Kupala,  Yarmarok, Carassauga and many others.  Also, “Rezonans” present two annual festivals: Christmas Festival “Oj, koliadko – koliadochko” and Easter “Hei, letyt Haivka”.





Natalia Bedik, Dania Kolanitch, and Sonia Kulycky of ROSSA, three talented singers from "la belle ville de Montreal", are thrilled to be part of this year's festival. Members of Plast, CYM and Ukrainian dance ensembles, these girls are well known for their many performances within Montreal and Toronto. They invite you to enjoy a selection of folk and contemporary songs from their latest CD release, performed in beautiful harmony.  





Studio ECHO

"Music is serious fun!" Guided by this motto group ECHO was founded. Fun – this is just part of our rehearsing. Through singing, children learn Ukrainian songs and culture. A singing group ECHO has been established just 2 years ago and is active in the Ukrainian community. They practice at St. Mary’s Church, Mississauga. The group  has  already   participated  at  a few  community  events: among  them - Ukrainian  festival  Zolotyj  Klen, Carrassauga – festival  of cultures. Recently, they cheered the elderly residents of Ivan Franko Home. The soloists Marianna Wasylyk and Lesia Kaschuk are a splendid part of the ECHO group. Studio ECHO trains children in singing, theory of music and performing skills. The Studio ECHO musical director is Nadiya Korol.



Vanguard Marching Band 

The Vanguard Concert Marching Band was founded in 1985 by embracing a vision to integrate the Ukrainian and Canadian cultures through its music. The band’s rich repertoire includes a variety of ceremonial, classical, folk, marching, patriotic, and religious music. Its members consist of youth, students, and experienced professionals who are united by their love of music. The Vanguard Concert/Marching Band consists of three internal segments: Instrumental Band, Colour-Guards, and a Junior Drum Corps. Members foster discipline, a feeling of obligation and responsibility, true friendship and a spirit of unity that is continuously and consistently apparent through the quality of musical performance.


Vesnianka, (www.vesnianka.com) which comes from the Ukrainian word meaning “spring”, started with a small group of Ukrainian dancers. Founder, Mr. Mykola Baldeckyj, started Vesnianka with only three dance couples. Having celebrated over 50 years, Vesnianka has grown in numbers and has performed throughout Canada and internationally (France and Switzerland) and has also had the honour of performing for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and then-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Today, led by Artistic Director Stefan Kuziw, Vesnianka continues to draw enormous amounts of positive energy participating in local Ukrainian events like The Toronto Ukrainian Festival, Mississauga Ukrainian Festival, Ukrainian Independence Day, and the CHIN Picnic in Toronto. The group also involves itself in multi-cultural festivals representing Ukraine. Most recently, Vesnianka was given the honour of performing at the Pan American Opening Ceremonies in Toronto 2015, led by Cirque du Soleil, alongside 20 other cultural dance groups and hundreds of professional performers. Determined to nurture a sense of community, Vesnianka also performs at weddings and hosts numerous community events.

Yavir School of Ukrainian Dance 

The Yavir School of Ukrainian Dance is dedicated to fostering the art and joy of Ukrainian dance in children and youth in a community environment. As Toronto’s first Ukrainian Dance School, Yavir recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary. Since 1962 it has evolved from its humble beginnings and emerged into a highly professional dance school. A school which has trained thousands of Ukrainian-Canadian dancers whom have performed both near - in Etobicoke and Toronto, and far - in Ukraine, Belgium, Mexico, U.S.A., and across Canada. Yavir has just returned from thrilling audiences in NYC at the Ukrainian Festival and is looking forward to travelling to Florida in 2016. Under the artistic director ship of Tamara Tatuch the Yavir School of Ukrainian Dance continues to inspire, educate and excite passionate young dancers and entertain audiences with its repertoire of captivating choreography pieces. The School gratefully acknowledges the support of Fr. John Tataryn and the community of St. Demetrius Ukrainian Catholic Church. 


Ruslan Yakoviychuk 

Ruslan Yakoviychuk, born in Bukovуna to a family of musicians, is a brass band orchestra director and trumpet player. He graduated from the Chernivtsi School of Music, Department of Wind Instruments. Life sent him on a different career path, yet music has always remained entrenched in his soul. He composed his first work in 2000, however the recording studio eluded him until much later. Upon immigrating to Canada in 2005, Ruslan started a construction company in Kingston, Ontario. This year Ruslan recorded his first songs and on April 21, 2016 appeared for the first time on stage at the Opera House in Toronto, opening for the popular Ukrainian band Antytila. Ruslan anticipates his first album will come to fruition later this year. 



The Ukrainian Academy of Dance

The Ukrainian Academy of Dance has trained over 1500 dancers since it was founded in 1987 in Toronto as a Ukrainian folk-dance school for ages 3 to adult. Over the years, the Academy has performed in Montréal at the Children’s Festival, Toronto's Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto Christmas Market, Disney World as part of the Dance the World program, Boston, New York City and the Toronto and Oakville Ukrainian Festivals and several others shows across the GTA.


"Fast, catchy and melodic are just a few words that could be used to describe the sound of ZAPOVID, Toronto's hottest Ukrainian rock band. Forming in early 2011, the band has quickly caught the attention of the Ukrainian community by incorporating elements of a wide variety of musical styles. In the last year, ZAPOVID has played at numerous events and festivals in Ontario, including concerts with well-known bands like Burya, Mad Heads XL, Klooch and Lemko Tower,etc... Although Ontario has been good to them, the band strives to reach a much broader audience in the future by playing in new places, and releasing an album as soon as possible. With no plans of stopping or slowing down, ZAPOVID is ready to spread their brand of party rock to the ends of the Earth!"




The Toronto based band Zirka is excited to be at this year's festival. With deep Canadian Ukrainian roots and a passion for traditional Ukrainian music, the band continually strives to create a distinctive lively zabava sound that pleases listeners of all ages throughout North America and the rest of the world as evidenced through over a quarter million views on YouTube and availability on iTunes. The band is excited to have launched its newest CD, ZIRKA - One More Time. Zirka looks forward to bringing that special 'energy' to the Mississauga Ukrainian Festival for the first time! The members of Zirka are: Morris Hucal (lead vocals, accordion), Peter Hucal (guitar, vocals), John Hucal (trumpet, vocals), Katherine Hucal (saxaphones, vocals), Bill Hawryschuk (drums) and Karen Aniol (violin and vocals). For more information please visit our website www.zirkamusic.com, facebook: www.facebook.com/zirkamusic YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ZirkaTV




Zubrivka is a group of experienced musicians from Mississauga and surrounding areas that has performed their own arrangements of Ukrainian folk songs at festivals and events for over a decade. The group takes a ‘back to basics’ approach to the classic Ukrainian folk repertoire by playing only acoustic instruments, capturing the spirit of the old world while adding a distinctly Ukrainian-Canadian flavour to their vocal harmonies. Last year Zubrivka released their second full-length CD Вечорниці (Evening Party) and is thrilled to be performing material from that release at the inaugural Mississauga Ukrainian Festival.



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